Birgit Klohs _cropped_ 2020.jpg

Birgit Klohs

President and CEO

Twayne Howard

Chief Operating Officer/
Assistant Treasurer

Brad Comment_2020_Square.jpg

Brad Comment

Senior Vice President,

Investor Relations

Tim Mroz

Senior Vice President,

Strategic Initiatives

Therese Thill

Senior Vice President,

Business Development

Cindy Brown

Vice President,

Talent Initiatives 

Justine Burdette_2020_Square.jpg

Justine Burdette

Vice President, Technical Services and Director - The Center-West

Brent Case_1s.jpg

Brent Case 

Vice President, 

Business Attraction


Andria Romkema

Vice President, Marketing and Communications


Travis Alden_1s.jpg

Travis Alden

Director of Business Development

Jackie Beering

Staff Accountant

René Booker

The Center-West Executive Assistant

Julie Burrell.jpg

Julie Burrell

Business Development Manager

Jess Cruz

The Center-West Sr. Business Development Manager

Jillian Elliott_2.jpg

Jillian Elliott

Events and Investor Relations Manager

Kelly Farran

Office Administrator/ Executive Assistant

Eric Heys_2020_Square.jpg

Eric Heys

Marketing Coordinator

Terry Hossink

The Center-West Business Development Specialist

Eric Icard_2020_square.jpg

Eric Icard

Sr. Business Development Manager

Rosemary Kolderman_1.jpg

Rosemary Kolderman 

Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jessica Kuster_1.jpg

Jessica Kuster

Hello West Michigan

Program Manager

Olivia Lanctot_2020_Square.jpg

Olivia Lanctot

Business Development Coordinator

Lina Lintemuth_2020_Square.jpg

Lina Lintemuth

Marketing and Communications Manager

Rafael Martinez_2020_Square.jpg

Rafael Martinez

Business Research Analyst

Ellie Montanino_1.jpg

Ellie Montanino

Business Development Executive Assistant

Jodi Nichols_1.jpg

Jodi Nichols

Business Development Coordinator - Lake and Oceana

Jane Tierney_2020_square.jpg

Jane Tierney


Kathy Jo Vanderlaan_1.jpg

Kathy Jo Vanderlaan

Business Development Coordinator
Montcalm County

Jen Wangler_2020_Square.jpg

Jennifer Wangler

Sr. Business Development Manager

Amy Winkler

The Center-West
Client Coordinator

Ben Wood

The Center-West Business Development Specialist

Rachel Gray_2020_Square.jpg

Rachel Gray

Hello West Michigan Executive Director